Final documents


Hi Topdeckers I am booked on the Grand European on May 22 and would just like to know what is actually contained in the final documents. I have read on previous posts that people actually know who is booked on their trip and what part of the world they are from. Is this true? I look forward to your reply- Cheers from Terry.


HiTerry[br][br]I am doing my first Top Deck tour going on the Grand European tour that starts on 8 May 2007.[br][br]I got my final documents yesterday. Some of the things in the documents you are told about are:[br]What you will be doing on each day of the tour.[br]Optional activities that you can do.[br]Any additional accomodation that you have booked through topdeck e.g. extra nights stay at the Globetrotter Inn Hostell in London.[br]Contact details for all of the places you will be staying at on your tour.[br]Informationm about the Globetrotter Inn Hostel where the tour starts from in London.[br]What meals are provided each day (not the actual meal that you will be eating just how which meals you will be provided with each day).[br][br]My final documentation did not tell me anything about who is booked on my tour. I have found out information about some of the people that are booked on my tour and what part of the world they are from by posting a topic on this forum asking to meet any people that are going on the same tour as me.[br][br]I hope this can help you.[br][br]From kat22 (top deck travellor)


Hi Kat - thanks for your response. I suppose I will meet everyone the night before our tour leaves at the Globetrotter Inn bar but it would be nice to know a few more people beforehand. I hope your tour goes well and that you meet many interesting people from all over the world but from what I can gather from these posts there will be many Aussies Kiwis Americans and Canadians.Anyway thanks again for the info and have a great trip on May 8 - I bet like me you can’t wait - from Terry.


Hi Terry[br][br]I got my final documents after I had paid for all of the tour although I paid for all of my tour within a week of booking it.[br]After I had paid for my tour I had to wait about 2 months before I got my final documents but that could have been because I paid so far in advance and the travel documents may not have been available when I paid because I paid for my tour in November 2006.[br]The documents give you details of all of the places you will be staying so hopefully people you know will be able to stay nearby.[br][br]From kat22


Thanks Kat only 10 weeks to go for my trip. I have been told by Topdeck reservation staff that final documents will be issued 6 weeks before departure. I suppose you received yours early because like you I have paid in full ages ago.