Few Egypt tour Questions


Hey there[br][br]Just wondering with the egypt tours… Im thinking of doing the egypt express. It includes the felucca sailboat for 2 nights. What would the waters be like on the Nile during november?? Would it be safe??[br]Also, how much spending money would u recommend per day in egypt? I heard its really cheap. [br]also, is there a chance it would be cancelled? As i want to go in novemer, and there is only 1 departure for this month, it shouldnt be cancelled hey??[br][br]Thanks guys[br]Sally


Hi Sally[br][br]I am booked onto the Egypt Express going on 27th october. I would have thought people would already be booked on the November one, so doubt very much that it’d be cancelled. [br][br]Dont know about the waters, but Egypt is supposed to be pretty safe as far as I can work out. Seems like a fab trip… I can’t wait![br][br]I have been advised that ?30 per day is the absolute maximum needed on this trip. I dont know if anyone else has been told different??[br][br]Hope this helps somewhat!!