Festive Escape (EFFELL)


Hello ‘Potential Travel Companions’!
I just booked the Festive Escape Trip and 2 of my friends might be coming too.
I’m looking forward to seeing who else is coming too. I’m based in London and so it would be great to catch up before or after the trip too.

It should be an amazing trip!



I’m going on this trip

Hii Neil

Have you met many other ppl doing this tour?


Wow Rosey!
You get around a bit! You’re on all the messages!
I’ve been chatting to various people on the message boards here.
My 2 friends are probably also coming.

See you soon!


One fo my friends has confirmed and the other one is still deciding. Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:



I’ve been bombarding all the forums relating to this trip. I hope ppl don’t already hate me haha.

Not long too go ;D

Am excited about never dealt with european winters before. I’m from Perth Australia, we find 15 degrees FREEZING!!!

xx( xx( xx(


I think I am a far worse culprit than you, so don’t worry!
Wear lots of layers- that’s the trick!

Are you going straight to Cologne or are you coming to London first?
See you soon!




Wake up everyone! Only 2 more weeks. Who wants to meet up in London before the trip?