Festive Escape - December 2016


Hi everyone!!

Is anyone else thinking of doing this trip in December?
Has anyone done this or anything similar before? Keen to know what its like… as it will be my first Topdeck tour!




I am thinking of booking this trip on 22 Dec 2016. Would love to do a Christmas trip. But still deciding. Haven’t done this before, so I am also alone.


I am also considering it! Again never done this before and travelling alone. Sounds great though!


I’ve done a few of these places on a Grand European trip last year and it was amazing!
I went solo, the people were great and made some lifelong friends on the trip!

I went skydiving in the Swiss alps and highly recommend it if it interests you. I also went to Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam and highly enjoyed it. The activities where interesting and the trip leader I had was highly informative about all the places we went to.

My friend and I are also looking at going on the 22nd of December departure date.


Just booked Festive Escape, anyone else booked and travelling by themselves? :slight_smile:


Hi guys I’m considering doing this too - the 22nd of December one and I’ll be travelling solo. The itinerary sounds amazing :slight_smile:


I booked the December 22nd one, I’m so excited to go :slight_smile:


HI guys.

I have also booked a spot for myself on this trip. I am traveling solo and think it will be awesome…


Now I booked the Eastern Lights tour. Sounds more like Christmas


My friend and I just booked this tour!! Can’t wait!!


I just booked for the 22nd of Dec solo and can’t wait!


Just booked and flying solo :ok_hand: Should be mad fun :slight_smile: