Festive Escape 2014/15

Hey guys,
Is anyone else doing the Festive Escape 2014/15? My friend and I just booked and would love to know who else is going!
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi steph me and a friend are doing the one from the 21st dec- 2nd august. What one are you doing?

I think we are doing the same one :slight_smile:

How exciting. What are your plans before and after the trip?

Hi guys - I’m on this one going solo! (Moving to the UK next month).
Can’t wait to meet you all!

Hi Chantelle!

Tammy and I are also moving to London next month. When do you arrive?

Super excited for the tours. It’s full up so lots of new people to meet.

Hey guys :slight_smile: we don’t have any plans before the trip as we only arrive the day before, but we are spending a week in London after the trip.

Its getting so close now! Looking forward to meeting everyone :slight_smile:

I’ll be arriving the day before too, what time do you guys fly in steph? Ill be in at 1400, most likely staying at Clink

Hi Guys

Anyone doing the tour from the 12th of Dec?

Me and my friend are doing our first Eurotrip.

I think we fly in about the same time and we have booked a room at the Clink too :slight_smile:

awesome, might catch the same bus to clink