Festive Escape 12/22/12-1/01/13


Hi there,

Is anyone else booked for this trip? Would love to chat with others that are going! :slight_smile:
Also, I may be planning to stay in London for a few days before the tour starts. Let me know if you will be too!


Christine, I am thinking of coming on the trip with a friend. I was also looking to see who else was going on it. Where are you from? I am based in London.


Christine/Neil - I’ve just booked the trip and was also looking to see who else would be on the trip. I’m a Canadian currently based out of Dublin and was thinking of heading to London the day before the tour starts. Let me know if you want to meet up for a drink on the Friday night. :slight_smile:


Hello Sharen!
Meeting up on the Friday before sounds great.
Are you on facebook? My profile is http://facebook.com/neilsarkar2011
Maybe we could chat there beforehand.



Cool - I’ll look you up Neil. My profile is https://www.facebook.com/sharenram :slight_smile:


I am very tempted to book this trip


Hey guys

Just made my final deposit on the trip :smiley: Just buying my insurance now. I am an Aussie based in London working as a teacher. My best friend and her boyfriend are making the trip here to London from Australia to come do the trip :slight_smile: Cannot wait!


Hey AJ!
Great to hear you’re on the trip. I have also booked, but my 2 friends are still deciding. I’m based in London too. Whereabouts are you based?
Chat soon!


Hey all I just booked the Festive Escape Trip! I am travelling solo at the moment so would love to catch up or get in touch with other solo travellers before the trip would be great!


I am based in London by the way :slight_smile:


Hello Ast!
It’s great that you’ve booked on the trip. Only a few weeks to go. I’m based in London too.
What’s your name?

Chat soon!


I am so tempted…


Hey Neil thanks for the reply :slight_smile: my name is Asta that’s cool that you are also based in London! Are you travelling with friends…?


Hey Nicola!
Don’t just be tempted- go on and book! You will have a great time for sure!
I’m looking forward to seeing you on the trip!


Hey Asta!
I have booked for sure and 2 of my friends are going to decide within a week.
We could arrange pre-trip London drinks some time if you’re up for that.

See you soon.


I should just book. I am going to struggle to get to London in time though, which is worrying me. Also worried that I am a solo traveller and it is a bus for about 46 people. Travelled with groups of 15 strangers before, but never that many


Hi there! My deposit’s down and I’ll be paying the rest of the balance later this week, so I’ll be joining anyone on this tour! I’m Michael, Aussie now living in London. I’ll be a solo traveller. It will be great to get in touch with anyone else who’s booked in ahead of the trip.


Hii everyone

I’m coming on this tour with a friend. So excited :slight_smile:

I thinking I’ll be joining in Cologne instead of London


Hey Michael!
Looking forward to meeting you on the trip!



See you in Germany on 22nd December!