Ferry from Dover to Calais


For the Grand European tour, do we take the ferry from Dover to Calais? How long is the journey? I’ve been told that it’s quite a choppy ride, is it that bad?? (Bad = need anti-nausea/motion sickness pills?)


I did it a few weeks ago - wasnt rough at all. Cant really remember how long it took but was probably only a couple of hours. If you to get motion sickness then I would suggest taking sea sick tablets the night before, or at least half an hour before you travel. Wasnt rough for my trip but all depends on the weather on the day :slight_smile:


I’ve done the trip both ways, was very windy and choppy one way but really wasn’t that bad… It’s not exactly a small boat…


wasnt choppy when i went. and no u wont need nausea tablets, im petafid of boats and so on, but i was okay, and its around 90 minutes


yeah 90minutes to maybe 120. it’s not very choppy


Thanks guys, doesn’t sound as bad as I thought now!


I found it yucky on the way over as I sat inside. I sat at the back of the boat and took sea legs but still felt headachey. On the way back I sat outside in the cold in my lovely topdeck hoody and was fine!
Definitely suggest taking sealegs though. I get motion sickness from reading in the car so a boat trip wasn’t going to be fun!


first time i took the ferry across the water was really calm, but coming back it was very choppy, but due to the size of the ferry i didnt really feel it that much