Fellow travellers - Road Trip USA ex NYC May 7th 2018!


Hey guys! Solo traveller here doing my first big international trip!
I’m from Perth, Western Australia, will have been in the States for almost a month by the time I hop on the tour, getting really excited!
Hoping to get to know some fellow travellers before meeting you all in NYC!


Hey Courtney :slight_smile:

I just booked onto the same trip will also be solo traveling ! Im from Bunbury :smiley:


I’m Tildy, from Melbourne.
Just booked this trip too.
Very excited for my second solo trip using Topdeck. Will also be doing another short trip, the Maple Trail, straight afte.


Hi Courtney,

I also just booked this trip,I’m traveling with my boyfriend. We are from Melbourne :slight_smile:


Hey guys, so awesome to start finding some fellow travellers! My plans have changed slightly since I posted this topic - my USA trip actually begins in April, I’m travelling over with my dance studio and we’re performing at Disneyland! As it turns out, one of the girls going and I decided to join forces so she is now on this trip as well (kinda glad to have a familiar face, I get a little anxious at first when I don’t know anyone!). Getting so excited, can’t wait to meet you guys in person :blush::blush::blush:


Hey all
I’m David from Adelaide and I’m booked in for this trip as well. Pretty keen to say the least, haven’t been on a tour like this before :smiley: