Fellow travellers, I need your help! :)


Hi all,
I’m thinking about doing the Britain and Ireland Explorer tour during September- I’m not sure though. But I guess I’ll have to decide soon… so I have a few questions to the ones of you who have an idea how this tours thing work :slight_smile:

First of all, I’m afraid I might be too young for the trip. I’ll be almost 21 in September, but I’m afraid the fellow travellers will be older and all about heavy drinking and stuff like that which are really not my thing. Most likely I’ll be travelling alone, and I don’t want to find myself in sticky situations. Do I really have to worry about that?
Plus, I’m afraid that people will start talking politics with me the minute they’ll find out where I’m from, or even worse, not talk to me at all. I don’t know any other Israelis who did a Topdeck tour…
My plan is to stay in London for another week after the trip, and it would be great if someone I met on the tour will join me. Ever met someone on the tour that kept travelling with you after the tour ended?

Thanks and sorry if my (many) questions seem stupid… I’m just pretty nervous about it haha :-[


Hi Hilla.

I’m doing the Britain Ireland tour too but mine leaves August 28.

From people I’ve spoken with it appears to be a mix of people who go out and those who don’t. I’m sure you’d find people who would suit you. :slight_smile:

As for people wanting to discuss the political situation in Israel with you, a simple ‘I don’t really like talking about politics when I’m on holiday’ should suffice. Most people would take the hint.

Hope this helps somewhat. :slight_smile:


Hey Hilla,

I personally think it would be AWESOME to have an Israeli on board! The trips I have done with Topdeck have mostly had a real mix - I did one trip where we had 12 different nationalities on board, including Saudi Arabians, Columbians, Mexicans, Canadians, etc. And I don’t really recall any political discussions - I know with the Saudi boys we were mostly interested in what their lives were like in Saudi Arabia since it was so different to what the Aussies were used to! I wouldn’t be too concerned about political discussions, but I know if I were on your trip I would want to know all about how Israeli life is different to what I am used to being from Australia!

As far as being too young, again from experience I’ve been on Topdeck trips where we’ve had people as young as 18 and as old as 40. Everyone is encouraged to do what they want to - if you want to go out to pubs and stuff then the trip leader will give you an idea of where to go, but if you don’t want to go drinking then the trip leader will give you other suggestions of how to spend your time! I’ve found most of the time the group would go out to dinner or a pub together, but not everyone would be about heavy drinking - it was more about socialising that happened to take place in a pub! The trip leaders were great at making sure everyone felt included!

Hope I’ve helped - I think you should give it a go, as every trip I’ve done I’ve loved!


Julia and Elle, thank you very much! You’ve helped a lot :slight_smile:


Hi Hilla

im doing the britain and ireland tour on the 25th september -8th oct(by myself)

I personally dont think your too old, il be 25 in july and drinking isnt really my thing too, im also staying with 3 friends in london after this trip, we are meeting up after all doing different tours.

i say go for it. ;D

All the best

Kristy. :slight_smile:


Thanks Kristy, I really do think I’ll go for it :slight_smile:


Hey Hilla

Sounds good, i really do hope you do.

kristy ;D