Facts about cheetahs


FACT MONDAY - Cheetahs

Cheetah is the smallest of the big cats. Unlike other big cats, Cheetahs hunt mainly during the day, They have poor night-vision and they cannot climb a tree.
Cheetah’s have an electrifying speed. Their Large nostrils and an enlarged heart and lungs help them reach up to a speed of about 114kph. Long tail helps them to balance as they tears after weaving, zig-zagging prey, and claws that never fully retract help them to maintain traction on the ground.
Cheetahs are Vulnerable to the other predators. A female cheetah will hide her cubs in long grass to protect them, and move them every few days.
Unlike other big cats, They don’t scavenge and need to kill frequently, and prefer hunting in the early morning and evening when the light is good and the sun is low. It’s not unusual to see lions or hyenas robbing a cheetah of its hard-earned meal.