Facebook group European Pioneer April 14


Hello guys, so Janelle Foster created a group on Facebook for people that are going on the European Pioneer on Apri 14 to talk! The name of the group is European Pioneer - April 14th to 19 May 2016. So, we wanted everyone to participate. Therefore you can search for it and add yourself!


Hey, my name’s Bayley Orth I’m going on the tour but I can’t find the page haha, can you add me please? Thank you


Hey! Of course! Can you send me your Facebook link?


Haha Technology kinda hates me haha are you able to add me to the chat by just searching my name? Bayley Jordan Orth? Profile picture is a bunch of people on a veranda with a mad cow sign? Sorry haha


Hey! Sure!


Just added you on Facebook so I can add you to the Group!


I found the group but I thought I should let you know who!
I’m Brendan Hill, cheers!


Hello, did you add yourself to do group? I couldn’t find you! Can you send me your facebook link or where are you from/profile pic so I could add you!


Hello guys! Anyone going on this one too?


Hi Guys,

I’m going on the Eastern Link tour which joins your tour halfway (29th April - 19th May). So I join you guys in Athens and then stick with you through to London :smile:

I tried finding the facebook group but nothing showed up in the search.

Would you mind adding me? My facebook link is https://www.facebook.com/tombilske

Looking forward to meeting you all!!


Hey Tom, just added you on Facebook so I can add you to the group!


Hey, would you be able to add me to the group please :slight_smile: also joining in Athens for the Eastern Link portion of the trip. Facebook is https://www.facebook.com/sbj13



Sure! Just added you on Facebook so I can add you to the group!!


Hi there!

Could I please also be added to the group, will be doing this tour also! So exited. www.facebook.com/field.l