Extra Days in Hostels



I just booked myself onto the Discover France tour, 30/06 - 13/07, and I was wondering what the deal was with booking extra days in hostels either at the beginning or the end of a tour. The tour starts and ends in Paris, and I’d really like to spend a couple more days in Paris at the end of the tour, especially given the next day is Bastille Day.

Can anyone give me any hints on who I should get in contact with?



Find out what Hostel the tour starts from, and contact them for further bookings or you can look on hostelworld.com for other hostels in the area


You can contact the topteck agent you booked your tour with and do it through them or if you booked in on the net someone would have sent an email confirmation and you can reply to that requesting extra days. Booking directly with the hostel is usually a little bit cheaper though.