Extra baggage storage


Hi there, I’m flying to London from my home country and will have extra baggage that will need storing while I’m on the Topdeck trip.
I came across this on your website:
“Luggage storage facilities are usually available at the departure point, if they are not available you will have to make your own arrangements to have it stored or shipped home. Any luggage left behind will be at your own risk and you will be required to pay any cost that is incurred.”

What luggage storage facilities are available?

Many thanks for your help!



Luggage storage facilities available are:
Cost (per bag):
Up to 3 hours – £6
Up to 24 hours – £12.50
£7.50 per additional 24 hours.

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Thanks! Where abouts did you store the bag?
I’m hoping to find somewhere cheaper as I need to store it for 28 days!


your best option will probably be a self storage company.and self storage company is the best option price-wise in London. Their prices were around 30% lower than the competition …
I hope this help u…
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