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Hi everybody;

I’m looking at doing the Britain and Ireland tour April 22 to May 5th, but I’m not sure yet. My only concern is that I was told the hotel and explorer tours tend to be more couples doing their own thing then the club and camping tours. Thats all good I definitely see why couples would go for this, but as a solo traveler I don’t want to end up spending all my time alone as the best part of the tour I did this year (winter getaway, was awesome) was meeting and hanging out with new people. For those who have done the explorer tours or Britain and Ireland specifically, do I have anything to worry about? If worst comes to worst I can always to the contiki version of the tour, but topdeck has a way better party/sight seeing balance in my experience.


Hey Josh,

Our Britain and Ireland trips come under our ‘explorer
’ range of trips. These are run in smaller groups and concentrate on 1-3 countries.

While couples are more likely to pick EuroHotel/Explorer trips because they can have a private room, these trips attract a range of travellers including heaps of solo travellers like you!

Hope this helps!
Topdeck Team


Hi Josh, I did this tour as a single. We had two couples, a few sets of friends, and a whole lot of single travellers. I had an amazing time. :slight_smile:


Good question Josh. I am planning on doing this tour after my Euroclub one, probably June 2012 & will also be travelling solo. Kinda hoping that other people on the first tour I do might have the same idea… :slight_smile:


Nice information!!! I think I will join this trip.


Is anyone else going on the Bravo Italia tour 06 may 2012 to 18 may 2012?