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I am booked on the Britain and Ireland 14 day tour for Aug 2011 and I was just wondering whether we need sleeping bags. This is an explorer style tour so I assume not as the accommodation is hotels or B and B’s but I have heard varying things and I wanted to double check.

Also if anyone has been on this trip and knows what its like let me know your thoughts!!



Hi Kerrie

Thanks for your message!

A sleeping bag is entirely optional as you will be staying in hotels and B and B’s!


Topdeck Team


Hi Kerrie,
I’m going on this tour in August too, I’m leaving on the 28th of August - which one are you doing?
Cheers, Julia


Hi Julia

Going on the 7th of August, so a few weeks too early!

Should be good, 8 and a half months to go!



I did this tour in 2009 (amazing btw!) and there wasn’t any need for sleeping bags, all the places we stayed had very good bedding

enjoy! :slight_smile: