Ex NYC to LA 18th September Coast to Coast


Hey fellow Top Deckers with just a few more weeks to go would love to meet who else is going on this tour. I’m a solo traveller coming from little New Zealand.


Hey, my partner and I are doing this tour. Can’t wait.


I am too :slight_smile:
Where about are you travelling from?


We are from Perth. Heading over a few weeks before to Orlando as well as 5 days in New York. How about you?


Oh very cool.
I’m travelling from Auckland, will spend 4 days in New York before it starts .


Awesome. We are pretty excited, just left the travel agent from booking our last few things. Are you going home straight after the tour?


Oh that’s the best feeling aye,
I will spend 4 days in LA before flying home.
Going to Universal Studios in LA :slight_smile:


Yes we both can’t wipe the smile off our faces at the moment. Awesome. We have 5 days post tour in LA also which we are just going to organise ourselves. Universal studios will be one of the places we will go :smile:


Oh epic!! Was hoping I would meet a few people on the tour that would like to do Universal Studios so I’m not on my own.
Yeah its going to come around so fast, can’t wait to get on the plane :slight_smile:


Yer absolutely. We are both hoping the same, I’m sure there will be a few that are keen. I know. It’s so close now. We were originally booked in December but had to bring it forward. It’s all happening pretty quickly.


Where abouts are you staying before the tour starts? I have booked the pre and after accommodation through topdeck


We are staying at a hotel right near Central Park, what is the topdeck pre accomodation hotel? We got a quote for it but decided against it.


I can’t remember the name of the hotel. It is being a bit pricey but just thought it would be easier.


Yer absolutely, New York isn’t cheap!


So true. I don’t mind to much gotta do it.


do you know if there is a Facebook group for our tour?


I’m not to sure, I would love to connect with more people who are on our trip.


Yer for sure


Hi There!

We are a couple also booked on this trip. SO excited!!! From Brisbane, Australia.

We’re also staying at the before trip accommodation but just for the one night, we’re staying elsewhere in NYC for a few nights leading up and then a few nights in LA.

We’re looking forward to hopefully seeing some live music and cool bars on the trip. Not so much into the theme parks :slight_smile:


Hi Brissy. Can’t wait to meet you both.
Getting excited now.
I want to see and do everything, travelling on my own can’t wait to meet so new people.