Evening Wear


I know we need to pack light but how much “evening” wear do we need? 1 dress and a nice top or 2 dresses etc! can you wear jeans at the Casino’s in Monaco? :slight_smile:


I wore black jeans and no issues getting into the casino at Monaco… (with a shirt with collar and some good black leather shoes)…

From a blokes point it’s a bit easier, but I only took a couple of shirts and a pair of good black jeans… that was enough for me…


I am probably over packing on the evening wear. Only because when I did my tour in Oz we went out every night & I had only taken 1 dress & 1 dressy top with me. & I felt kinda lame wearing the same thing so often (everyone else had heaps to choose from)

This time I am taking a couple of dresses & a couple of nice tops. They arent very bulky so I am hoping I should be ok. You can always change the look with a different belt/shoes/jewellery.


Im taking 2 dresses and a 2 pairs of jeans, a few tops but if im desperate then im sure there will be a department store near by to buy something cheap and cheerful. that i can throw away at the end of the trip


i’m taking 3 dresses and 2 pairs long pants someone said when they went on this one last year evrywhere was dressed up you felt out of place if you wer’nt and having one dress you kind of got sick of waering the one thing everynight


ok thanks guys! so am thinking 2 dresses and a couple of tops now, jeans and black pants! :slight_smile:


What about a dressy jacket for night time? or does Europe have real summers unlike NZ!!!


Just remember, you can always buy on your travels… depending on where your going, I found Germany & Austria were great places to shop, most of the girls on our tour came away from those city’s with bags of stuff… Shopping in London is good too.


You should buy dresses online from Australia… I don’t know why are you carrying dresses with you… Order online… choose 2- 3 dresses and order it… There are lot of beautiful evening dresses available @ missysdressy, thecustomclothing, yebhi, ebay, forever21…