Euros VS Pounds?!


Hey guys,

Just wondering which currency should I exchange when I go to Europe.
I’m from Australia, and not sure which one to convert to…
I’m going on a tour that goes to London, France, Switzerland, Monaco, Italy, Austria, Germany and The Netherlands.

Which do you reckon would be better to have?
Or if not just the one currency, which ones should I have in cash…


Hi Emmy

I am going to be converting into both pounds and euros as I will be in Europe for 2 months and spending half the time in England. I suppose it really depends on what you are doing for your entire trip. If you are only going to London to get on the tour bus, then I would recommend getting euros and only a small amount of pounds.

Reading the brochure, Top Deck recommend taking about 30 swiss francs with you on the trip. I know that ANZ allow you to purchase travel cards in 5 currencies and also the ability to buy cash in up to 50 currencies.


The Euro is the official currency for these countries:

The Netherlands
Vatican City
San Morino

and a few others.

So, if you’re spending the majority of the time on the continent, then definitely go with Euros.



Use the local currency everywhere. While some merchants might offer to convert prices for you, you will always get screwed. Using ATM’s in a foreign country will provide you with the local currency of that location plus a minor service charge (usually 2-3%, but well worth it for the security of not carrying all of your cash)

For your trip, you will use Pounds, Euros, and Swiss Francs.

I would recommend bringing at least 20-30 of each currency pending you will be there at least a day (if youre only in Switz for an afternoon or something you could get along with less). Other than that, just use local ATMS as there will be tons in the places you are visiting.


Hey so,
I’m staying in London after my tour, does only London have Pounds??
Thanks heaps for your help :slight_smile:


London, England use pounds …

Europe mainland and Ireland use Euros, except Switzerland


Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales also use pounds.