Euro's- exchange pre-trip?


Hi everyone, [br] [br]I was hoping to get some advice about exchanging my money before I leave Australia. [br][br]I will be staying in London for a few nights before my European Wonder tour starts and will be exchanging some money into pounds before I leave. I was just wondering if anyone who has been on the tour or is about to do one will be exchanging some money into Euro’s before they leave their home country or if they will wait until the tour starts? [br][br]I can’t decide if I want to risk carrying extra $ around in London but am concerned that there will not be an opportunity to do so before I get to France. [br][br]Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


hey[br]im pretty sure i read that you get a chance to change money on the ferry to paris so it might be an idea to take some cash with you :)[br][br]i dont think ill take too much cash though just incase… [br]when is your tour?


Yeah you can exchange money on the ferry to france - you can also get duty free stuff one there too!![br]Jo