Europes Weather In August


Hi guys :slight_smile:
I’m doing the European wonder tour in august, People have been saying its summer over there, i was just wondering what the temp would be? I’m from Australia so I’m used to the heat but wanting to know if its as hot as it is over here. :slight_smile:
Also in London for a few days, will it be cold? even though its summer? :slight_smile:
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i was in germany for all of july last year… it was cold and raining for most of the time. I spent my time in jeans and a t-shirt and always had a jacket with me. But like how the weather varies all over australia, it depends where in europe you are! the weather is so unpredictable! :slight_smile:
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Hey guys,

It’s always difficult to predict the weather - especially when you’re travelling to all different parts of Europe! Places like Italy are usually quite hot during the peak summer period, where as places like Germany might be a little cooler. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the weather forecast of the areas your travelling - this might help you a little with packing as well. Though it’s always a good idea to bring at least one warm outfit in case you are caught out in the cold!

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PS. I’m originally from Melbourne & find London summers quite warm (never thought I’d be saying that?!! haha) when the sun is out it’s really lovely here :slight_smile:


Ok cheers heaps guys :slight_smile: