Europen Getaway 27 July


Hello! I am a sole traveller from Sydney Australia going on ‘European Getaway’ 27th July. Is anoyne else doing that trip? Am wondering if there are any other people going by them selves, am looking forward to making some new travel buddies :)[br][br]Am considering the summer fun n sailing tour in Aug. The boats in the picture look very exposed and I am really fair! is there any shade on deck, dont want to fry for 4 days.


Hey roslyn,[br][br]Just read your post, Im planning on joining that trip and was considering the sailing one but $$$$ may be stopping from those extra 4 days. I will also be headed over by myself, and staying on in London for 12 months. Oh and im from Melbourne. And will be landing in London on the 26th.


Hey arrive on the 26th too. Are you staying in the Globtrottr Inn? I arrive at about 5 in the morning so if you want to go sight seeing that day let me know! Ive never been to london before and want to check it our before the trip departs. [br][br]Roslyn


Hello,[br][br]I’m probably going to do this tour in Oct. If you could give me your feedback on what you think that would be great. I’m travelling solo too, so am also interested how many travellers go it alone on these tours!


Im landing on the 26th at about 1:30pm and have to rush to the bank in London before it closes to open my bank account. Then i will be at the globetrotter in about 6 ish i think if i can find my way around easy enough. Its my first time to london/europe and i cant wait. Its my last week of work this week and im pumped.