Europeen Pioneer 14th June


Hi all,

I’m 30 & I’ll be doing the 36 day tour begining 14th June on my own as a solo traveller & was just wondering is there anyone else out there doing this trip on their own as well?



Hi Sally,

Myself and my wife are both doing this tour and counting down the days


Hi Sally,

I am also a solo traveller that will be doing this trip. Im 27. Not too far away now!


Hi all!

I’m going on this tour with my cousin, SO SO SOOOO excited!!! Can’t WAIT!



Hi everyone

I’m also doing this tour as a solo. I’m 25… should be awesome!


Hey all,

I am thinking of doing the 29/06/12-15/07/12 - great eastern trip which forms part of the European Pioneer trip, days 16 - 32.
I’m 24 from sydney and am also a solo traveller. The intinerary looks heaps good!


Hi everyone Im 23 and will also be doing this trip as a solo traveller. :slight_smile:


Hey Sally,

I’m 33 and doing this tour solo as well. A bit anxious as I’ve never travelled alone but good to know there will be other people in their 30’s coming along. Hoping I’m not the grandma of the tour, even though I look mid 20’s haha. Not long to go now :slight_smile:


Hey, a friend and i are joining the group in athens. Just wondering If anyone was interested in catching up when u arrive in athens.
Ive just booked and unsure the full itinery but think i meet the group in evening of 29th but i think the group is already in athens.