European wonder


Hey :slight_smile: I’m thinking of booking the european wonder tour for the 11th of aug till the 24th of aug but I could only see people booked on this tour for later dates . Is anyone going on these dates at the moment ?


Hey Kasey
I AM!! I know another girl from NZ is going on it aswell! :slight_smile:


No worries :slight_smile: thanks Natasha . Are you staying at the hotel before the tour starts ?


Yeah I arrive there on the 9th :slight_smile: You have a fb page? if you do add me as its easier to chat on there.


Can any one tell me list of Great Museum to Visit in Europe. ???


Cool thanks :slight_smile: have sent you a friend request now :slight_smile: what hotel or hostel you staying at cause I haven’t booked anywhere but can’t get any where at the moment !


Me and a friend are going on this trip. Less than a week to go! So excited!!