European Wonder


Hi Guys,

Curious if anyone has booked on the European Wonder tour leaving July 14.

First time around Europe. Very Excited!!


Hey guys!
Me and my Friend Mel are going on the European Wonder on the 14th July also!! Trying to sus out who else is going so we can all chat before we go over!
Its my first time around Europe too! So excited!



My two friends and I are doing the 14th July tour too!!!

Looks like we are all Australian too!

so excited



Hi Guys,

Thats great…looks like the tour will be full of aussies!! Good times ahead.

Doing the tour with my friend Kelly.

If you guys have facebook add us. Be good to have some “familiar” faces once we get over there!!

Counting down the weeks now…makes it hard to go to work!!



Oh perfect! this is looking great… im so excited… Add me on Facebook if you like "Amy Haughey’ and my friend is Melanie Cruz. SOrry didnt know your full names so couldnt find you!
Were staying on night pre at the Clink Hostel before the tour starts… were planning on heading out that night too… its our only night in London so might as well make the most of it!

Cant wait!!!


Hey Amy,

Added you on facebook. I have a friend living in London so we were going to be there for one or two nights before the tour starts but I am sure we won’t be staying indoors either!!

My friends name is Kelly Richardson. If you add me you can add her too- we will be flying over and staying at the same places beforehand.

Not long to go now!!


Hey guys! I’m also going on this tour but alone…i would love to get to know you guys before it starts, even though it starts in about a week from now :slight_smile: There’s actually another thread about this tour that I found, and it seems like a lot of us are staying at Clink the night before! Can’t wait to meet all of you :slight_smile: and if you guys happen to see this before our tour starts, add me on fb! Hannah Choi (uc irvine)


Hi! I’m going solo and staying at the Clink the night before and will also be in London beginning the 11th! Feel free to facebook me as well - Joony Lomenzo. I have to be the only one out there! I’m also staying in London following the trip through the 31st. See you all very very soon :slight_smile: