European wonder


hi [br]Im going on the european wonder tour departing 14th may [br]Im travelling on my own and never been oversea’s before by myself wondering if anyone else was doing this tour[br][br]kristy


Hey ger,[br][br]I’ll be doing the same tour with you! I’m currently asking around if any of my friends would like to join me for my europe adventure too ;)[br][br]bryan


nice, starting to think i was the only one lol [br]you heading of to london first for a day before you start the tour?


hi kristy,[br][br]I’ll be arriving in london 2 days earlier on 12th May… Doing some self exploring b4 the european trip… then after will be spending an additional 3-4 days exploring the rest of london… perhaps going to stonehenge and bath… you are most welcome to join me =)[br][br]bryan


hi bryan [br]i wont be leaving australia until the 12th and only have one day before i start the tour after the tour im not sure what ill be doing as of yet but thank you for the offer


Hey im gong on same tour but leaving on 25th march so ill let u know how it was im travelling by myself aswell[br]is anyone else going on it


hi dave[br]good to know that there are others going at first i thought i was the only one lol are you doing another tour before you start the european wonder ?


is there anyone else doing this tour in may ???


hey kristy no not doing another tour before the euro wonder on 25th march. i get 2 london in feb and going diff places then finshing my last 2 weeks in europe wit hthe wonder tour then stay in london couple days then fly back home