European Wonder vs. Essential Europe


Hi Everyone! i’m trying to finalize my plans for this fall and cant decide between the two tours…which would you recommend the EuroClub or EuroHotel? Im travelling solo and im a little worried if I go with the Essential Europe there will be more couples on the tour (ive read that in some reviews so far)…plus I with the Euro Wonder I get an extra two days for less money than the Essential Euro…

Is anyone booked on these tours so far? Im thinking of going sometime in late August/early Sept or Late Sept/Early Oct…

Also, I hear there is a lot of Aussie’s on the tour…do a lot of Canadians travel with Top Deck too? Just curious…im more than happy to party with a bunch of Aussie’s - their waaaay more fun :wink:

Thanks for any advice/tips/ideas



Europe is an exotic destination for spend vacations. There are number of luxury Hotel exists in Europe. Last Christmas I was in France with my wife. We stayed there around four days and our full trip was organized by a traveling company of New York.


Thanks! Anyone else have any other thoughts/opinions? Im getting anxious to book but still not sure which one …



My cousin and I are going on the European Wonder tour in May. We decided on this one because it took us to all the places we wanted to visit plus a few extra countries we didn’t even consider for half the price of going solo to London, Paris and Rome.

Apart from what you want to see the next thing I guess you really have to ask yourself is what level of comfort you want. Would you prefer to stay in a hotel or are you happy to bunk down in hostel type accomodation? Are you willing to forgo some comforts to see more places or do you want to miss out on some destinations for the extra comforts of a hotel? We basically took the attitude of all we need is a bed and a clean shower as we don’t plan to spend much time in the accomodation so for us European Wonder was the ideal tour.

As for the company - If the hotel type tours are geared towards couples do you want to spend your holiday feeling like a third wheel?

Good luck with making your choice.



I’m doing the European Wonder tour on 19th of September, I chose that one because I heard the euroclub tours are great for solo travellers and you share a room with 1-3 other people, i also want to sleep in a castle ;D


Thanks everyone…yeah im leaning towards the European Wonder now. To have an extra couple of nights is worth more than staying in a hotel over hostel for me…plus I think the hostel environment is all part of the adventure…

Padfoot - which date did you book for? Im just trying to pick my dates now…its between Sept/Oct for me …I think September might be better for weather…


My tour goes from the 19th of September till the 2nd of October, I picked September over October for the same reason and also the one leaving on the 19th is a guaranteed departure so I know it won’t be cancelled :slight_smile:
I’ll be in the uk for about 2 weeks before my tour too