European Wonder Trip 1/9/16~14/9/16


Helloo :slight_smile: is anyone doing this trip?
I am travelling alone and would like to have some chat with people I will be spending time with before we leave!
I am very excited for this trip as this is my very first time travelling alone!! :smiley:
What are you guys planning to pack for this trip and what are some general tips I should know about travelling in Europe this year?- I am a bit concerned about what has been happening in Europe quite recently ( the terrorist attacks…etc)

I am from Sydney, Australia by the way ^^
I am planning to get to London a day earlier to have a quick look at London on my own… BUT would love to have a companion! :slight_smile: I will be staying at Wombat hostel for 1 night prior to our trip begins ( that is on 31/8/16)and stay 1 night on 14/9/16 when our trip ends so I don’t have to rush to the airport as soon as the trip finishes!! :slight_smile:

So please respond if anybody out there is doing European Wonder trip this September!!! :smiley:
Very excited to see all of you~


Hi Julie!

I’ve just stumbled across your message.
I’m from Auckland, New Zealand, and this will be my first trip overseas EVER! I’m travelling solo so throwing myself in the deep end.

I’m planning on staying at the wombat hostel the night before as well so I’ll make sure to come and say hi.
I’ll be in London a week before as I’m catching up with a friend. Could look at doing something around town the night before the trip?

The top deck tour looks incredible and I have a friend who is currently on the trip so i’ll ask for any tips etc.

I’m nervous as hell but super excited!




My partner (Matt) and I (Katie) will be on this trip as well (from Nth QLD, AUST). We also will be staying at the Wombat the night before and after the trip. We should catch up for a drink!! We will be in London for a week already.

Happy to chat with people going on this trip for tips and general conversation!! We are very excited!


HIIIII I am super excited but nervous as well!!! ^____^
Yes! we should catch up before the trip begins- I will stay at wombat hostel for one night before the actual trip begins ( that is 31/8/16) and I was hoping to look around London! We can perhaps do it together~

I contacted wombat hostel before to book a room but they told me that I can only book a room a month before… Also, which rom are you planning to get at wombat hostel? Because I realised that there is only a twin room or a room with multiple beds… There is no single room apparently.

But YAY! feels like I have found a buddy for this trip already!! <3
Let’s keep each other updated as we get closer to the date of the trip! :slight_smile: This is my first time travelling on my own as well so we can help each other out on what to bring and what to do with money…etc



YESS! I am looking forward to meeting new people! :slight_smile: I feel relieved now that people will be staying at wombat hostel before the trip begins! We should absolutely catch up! ( I am not a big fan of alcohols but still KEEN to meet up! :D)

It is actually happening… I just cannot believe it hahaha

See you guys all soon!


I booked through for my accommodation. It says that it is confirmed. I went through the trip yesterday again and I am so excited about the trip!! Have you looked into applying for a Visa for the countries that we go to?


Hey Katie!

I’m from NZ. I’ll be staying at Wombat the night before as well so looks like we might end up with a few people looking at staying there. Keen to grab a drink and have a yarn with all before we leave. I’d imagine a lot of Aussies and Kiwis will be doing this.

I’ll be in London a week earlier as well so if there is a day free I’m keen to catch up you and Matt and whoever else!

Maybe we could start a FB group up and add people to make it easier to communicate? Just an idea.

In terms of VISAs I believe for Kiwis all countries on the trip are covered with passport already. Might be diff for Australians though.

Looking forward to it but nervous given i’ve never left NZ!


Hey there, I’m Cam and will be on this trip with a friend. I’m from Wellington, New Zealand and this is the first group trip I’ve taken. Will be in London for a week prior to the trip (including going to Reading Festival - woo!) so would be keen to meet up the day before or something. Looking forward to meeting you guys!


Hey bro. I finally have a kiwi buddy!
I’ll be doing a few London tourists things a week before so be good to put some faces to names.


YAYY so excited for this trip!!! :smiley: I will be in London a day before the trip and will stay at the Wombat’s for the night!! Maybe we should organise a day trip to have a look around London!!! This is my very first time travelling on my own as well so SUPER NERVOUS BUT EXCITED!! It is relieving to hear that I will be having some buddies when I arrive there and won’t be alone hahaha
Heathe and I are already FB friends so yes, we should have a FB group and talk about the upcoming trip!!! ( Like what to prepare and stuff…)
Keen to meet you guys in few month’s time!!


Do you guys think the recent UK refereum will affect our trip?? - as in we need to get Europe passport or visa to get into Europe countries?


Nothing is going to happen for years. Article 50 hasn’t been envoked. Which then results in 2 years of negotiations… Should be okay for a while…


Thanks!! :slight_smile:
Also, are you guys planning to get travel money card for spending money overseas??
And what about the power jackets for charging our phones and other electronic devices?- will we need to buy some that fits Europe power points? And I heard there are free wifi on our coaches… would that be enough to cover keeping in contact with my family at home or friends through SNS? - or should I buy SIM cards when I get to each country?
This is my very first time travelling overseas alone so have lots of questions haha


Hey guys,

For anyone who hasn’t booked accommodation yet.

Looks like Wombat hostels have some decent deals going at the moment before it books out.
I got 3 nights there for under 150 NZD. Worth checking out on as they have some decent deals.

Our trip leaves from wombats at 6am on Sep 1st so getting a room there that night is prob not a bad idea~

Just a heads up anyway :slight_smile: