European Wonder Tour Sept.1


;D Me and a friend are heading on the European Wonder tour on Sept. 1 to the 15 and I’m just trying to meeting anyone else that might be going.
I am super excited to be seeing Europe!!! :smiley: ;D

IF anyone else if taking this tour just send me a message!! Looking forward to meeting new people ^.^


Hiya, my friend and I are going on that tour too! We finally paid it off yesterday - can’t wait! ;D


Hi, I’m going on this tour too!! very excited, first time traveler so nervous as well.

Will be cool to see who else is going:)



Yay more people on this tour, can’t wait!!


I’m also on this tour solo, great to see there are a few people going.
First time in Europe so very excited although nervous I havent had my edoc from top deck yet.
I will be staying at the Clink the night before and possibly a night after the rest of my time i’m with family, cant wait to meet you all!


Hi all, I’ve never been on a tour like this before but am so excited. I’m looking forward to a great adventure. I’ll be at the Clink Hostel the night before the tour. Hope to meet some of you then.