European wonder tour 11th august :)


hello! B-)

iv just signed up for this tour and im really excited!! im travelling alone and would love to make some friends before we go! is anyone else going? would love if you would get in touch

hayley xx


Hi Hayley
I was thinking of doing this tour aswell. Hopefully I will!!
Will Write in here again if im definately going!
Are you staying in london first? Il be staying in london for a day before the trip so i get over my jet lag.

Tash :slight_smile:


Hi Hayley, again :slight_smile:
Il be going on this tour aswell!!! if your staying in london before the tour leaves we should def catch up!


Hi everyone I was hoping to do this trip in Aug aswell. Still debating with my travel buddy whats the cheapest in high season. Either contiki, topdeck, busabout, or the eurorail? This will be our first Euro trip. I love the layout of this trip! How much spending money would you need per day. I am not going to buy souvinears, or drink my face off every night. I can party but its more important to me to be up early and get as much sightseeing as possible. Others going on this trip where are you all from and what are your ages?


Im 20 and from a town called Eden In the far south of NSW Australia