European Wonder - September 15


Hey everyone

Just wondering if anyone has booked in for this tour? I’m doing it alone, scary stuff :slight_smile: would love to share my nerves with someone!



I just booked my tour and flights! I’m also traveling alone, and even though I hate to admit it, a little nervous!


Awesome, should be an amazing trip! I’m sure there will be a few people travelling alone.
See you soon :slight_smile:



Im also booking/booked for the same trip and going alone (so nerves) cant wait tho.
if you like add me on facebook, Mishell D’Amico. be good to know some people before i go :slight_smile:


hey i have just booked on this tour too, and im on my own too!!! looks like we are gonna be fine!! :slight_smile: im really excited!!!


Nice :slight_smile:
Looks like we have a nice crowd of people travelling solo!!
Not long to go YAY


Hiya! I am also going on the Tour solo. Am glad to see that there’s a few of us going solo and are nervous! Not so much anymore, far to excited to be nervous! I am in Ireland for now and will be in London from around the 8th sept, not sure what my plans are before the tour if anyone else is also doing a bit of travelling. Can’t wait to meet you all. Looks like we are going to have a blast!! :smiley:


[color=800080]Hi girls!! Im travelling solo too. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one =) Never done it before so I’m pretty nervous, although I can’t wait!!! ;D