European Wonder Sept 9 or Sept 23? HELP


Help, i cantd ecide wether to go for Sept 9 departure or sept 23. European Wonder.
Also anyone who is already booked in for this tour,w ould love to hear from you.


Hey! I’m booked to do this tour on the 23rd of September. Can’t wait!! ;D ;D


I just booked yesterday for Sept 23.!!! Cant wait im finally going.
When do you leave flightwise from Oz? Also what do you plan on doing after the tour?


Hey guys! We are coming on the Sept 23 tour and I am sooooooo excited! This is the only honeymoon my fiance and I are ever going to get so we are doing it in style! I wonder how many people are coming with us? We are staying at the Royal National I think …
Only 8.5ish weeks to go!




Hey GG, Jules and Si!!

I am so super excited about this trip. Am doing it on my own - so a bit scared too :o Tried to convince the BF to come too, but OS apparently is ‘not his thing’ :wink:

Am going to see my travel agent tomorrow to book my flights. I live in Adelaide, but will probably fly out of Melbourne I think - maybe around the 15th. Don’t really have any plans for before or after the trip. Was thinking of doing a little 3 day paddy wagon tour through Southern Ireland the following week, but not really sure.

Are you guys all in Aus? Where/when/who are you flying from and with?


Really great that we get to chat to each other before we go!!


REALLY excited now! Just booked my flights ;D ;D

Going QANTAS all the way, leave Melbourne on the 14th September then leave London the 13th October. Have also just booked in at the Clink for the night before and the night after the tour.

Still not sure where I’m staying for the rest of the trip…


Hello Helloe Everyone.

Yes im so excited for this trip, im doing it for my 25th.
Leaving around 17th Sept, Sydney so will have a few days in advance before the tour. planning on doing a mini trip too maybe around the Uk or Ireland. Would also like to visit Spain after the tour.
Anyone intrested let me know, would love to go with some people instead of alone.
Dont know anyone in Uk or europe.

Live in Sydney, going solo flying with qantas.
Robba BF is that best firend of Boyfriend?
Jules and Si congrats, on your honeymoon.

Flying back to oz probably around 13th or 15th Oct.


Hey GG!

BF is boyfriend :wink:

I am dying to do some little trips out and around the place. Since I’ve booked my flights, I don’t have enough time to do the little Paddy Wagon tour I was thinking of doing. Might have to find something else.

Have you got any accommodation booked? I only have the day before and after the tour booked. Haven’t organised my other nights yet. Was going to stay with a friend over there, but turns out she’s going to Germany that week for Oktoberfest.



Hello Robba.

I wasnt sure if you were talking about Boyf or Best Friend…thats a shame he wont come.
Oh well, you’ll still have a blast.

Im flying out the 14th, and will go to Ireland for a small trip if i can fit it in, then some small trips of england eg stoneghenge etc…I havent booked my accom yet, but will probablky book for Clink Hostel night before the trip. Then Bokk for another night after the tour, then to spain, Sydney by the 15th. Im trying to fit as much in.

Well let me knowwhat tours or activities you have found that your thinking of doing before the tour. Im thinking of booking for paddywagon the 3 day southern Ireland


Thats the Paddywagon tour that I’m thinking of doing too :slight_smile:

Think I might do a couple of little tours out of London (open top bus London tour/day trip to Stonehenge and bath etc) in the week before the tour, then do that southern Ireland one that leaves on the 7th - the day after the tour. Just need to make sure that the timing will work out - and wait for my tax return ;D ;D