European Wonder Sept 24 2009


G’day,[br][br]Just seeing if anyone else has signed up for the European Wonder tour that’s leaving London on sept 24 2009. I’m traveling alone from Australia. Getting a tad excited about the trip. How much fun are we gonna have?!![br][br]Cheers,[br]Jessy


Hi JessyW, [br][br]I’m booked in on the same tour as you and travelling solo also! It’s my first time overseas and we are giong to have sooooo much fun! Are you staying in London prior to or at the end of our tour and if so, where abouts? [br][br]It really isn’t that long until we go now!:)[br][br]If you want it, come and get it!!


Hi,[br][br]I’m a bit of an overseas virgin too. It’s a bit scary to think about…but it’s going to be amazing. I’m staying at the Generator for about 4 nights prior to the tour leaving…plan to take in the sights of London before leaving. [br] Jessy


I’m staying at the Generator 3 nights prior and 2 nights after the tour. It’s a bit scary staying at a hostel for the first time on my own; i’ve heard good and bad things about it but i’m sure i’ll survive. I had a look on their website and they offer a free walking tour and the bar looks to be a great way to meet people. [br][br]I have a bit of an itinerary planned for London. I just want to make sure i see as much of it as i can in the short time that i’m there. [br][br]Have you got all your stuff ready to take? it’s going to take alot of strength for me not to overpack but i’ve been told not to take too many clothes etc because you just don’t need them. [br]


Haha…I know what you mean about packing! I think if there are enough girls on the trip…whatever we don’t take (or forget) i’m sure they’ll be someone to help us out![br][br]I heard about the walking tour…there is also a hop-on-off bus tour thing that I’ve heard about which is meant to be alright.[br][br]Perhaps I’ll see you at the Bar ay?![br][br]Jessy


I’m probably one of the most organised people you will ever meet so i’ll probably be the one that has everything that everybody else didn’t think of! [br]It’s a bit premature-just a tad, it’s not like we still have three months until the tour!- but i’m so looking forward to it i could start packing now! [br][br]I love a drink…or ten so it’s highly likely you will see me at the bar. [br][br]If you like, leave your email or facebook link and maybe we can get in touch to catch up at the hostel before the tour leaves? Would be good to know at least one person seeing as though we are both going solo


Hi![br][br]I’m on facebook…if you sure email you should fine me (Jessica Waine)!![br][br]I can hear the London beers calling already![br][br]Cheers,[br]Jessy