Hey all, two of us are coming from Nova Scotia, Canada and we can’t wait!! Anyone else going on the European Wonder in less than 2 weeks? We’re staying at the Globetrotter on the 23rd so hopefully there will be a good send-off party.


Oh also wondering about partying on the bus itself…a friend told us that you could drink on the bus (hair of the dog for the morning after…) but that was 20 years ago…what’s the accepted etiquette today?


Hi Jon,[br][br]You have plenty of opportunity to have a drink (if you want to) whilst off the coach - you don’t need to drink on the bus and it is not customary on our coaches.[br][br]Cheers,[br][br]Admin


Yeah I figured that things had changed since then. For the better I’m sure! I’d rather see the Coliseum then the Coliseum bathroom! :sunglasses:


we just finished our European wonder tour and you won’t be doing any drinking on the bus at all, unless you are really hardcore, as all anyone did on our bus was sleep off the night before until our lovely tour guide Pam woke us up for a little insight into the surrounding area, you just can’t help sleeping on the bus.[br][br]European Wonder 16th July.[br][br]A bad day on holidays is still better than a good day at work!!!


hey[br]my gf and i will be on this tour. we are staying at the globetrotter the night before also. cant wait only 8 days to go.


Hey awesome I’m bringing my g/f too! I heard Topdeck had a lot of Aussies which is one of the reasons we chose it over Contiki! Not that we don’t like Americans but we are going on vacation to experience new cultures after all.[br][br]I really don’t want to sleep on the bus b/c I’m afraid of missing something. I think I’ll buy a case of Energy drinks before we go in case the coffee situation is sketchy. Canadians have a love/hate relationship with coffee. We LOVE Coffee, and we HATE not having it lol. [br][br]


I was the same, didn’t want to miss any of the scenery (it’s all amazing) but just couldn’t help sleeping… not the whole time mind you, but you will find yourself sleeping for the first two and a half to three hours each day.[br][br]European Wonder 16th July.[br][br]A bad day on holidays is still better than a good day at work!!!


Too be honest I’m not a great morning person so judging by the departure times I will likely sleep for the first few hours as you say.[br][br]I’m also wondering how many people are going Skydiving in either Switzerland or Austria?? I’m thinking hard about Austria b/c in case of injury I will have already seen London/Rome/Paris and we’re heading to Amsterdam for some pain relief. I don’t assume anything will go wrong but I just can’t picture walking around Rome with a twisted ankle or blown-out knee. Austria might be the safer bet…lol Skydiving a safe bet…Man I can’t wait!


out of the 47 people on our tour three went skydiving in Switzerland and one went parasailing in Austria, there were 9 of us that did the canyoning, and no injuries in any of the activities.[br][br]European Wonder 16th July.[br][br]A bad day on holidays is still better than a good day at work!!!


yay aussies rock! haha. i though contiki would be be all aussie. id never heard of topdeck before we couldnt get on the contiki tour. im glad but topdeck sounds heaps better. i dont plan on drinking too much i can drink at home but cant see another country at home.[br]ive already been skydiving so dont really want to go again, paragliding sounds like fun.[br]im definatly not a morning person so will struggle the first few days.[br]what happens with couples are u separated for some of the trip as it says some dorm rooms are single sex?


I heard that Contiki was a spring break style drunk fest which is another reason why I chose Topdeck. From my experience on an actual spring break trip to Daytona Beach I found that after a couple of hard nights you can really get burnt out and ruin the following day. Budget wise I’m sure you can easily spend more than half of your money on bar drinks as well if you go hard every night. [br][br]We’ll just go with the flow and have no worries![br][br]On the skydiving side I’d rather go rafting or biking so if I have to choose then I’m staying on the ground :)[br][br]“My name is Jon Collins and I endorse this message.”


yea i heard that about contiki too. when i drink i usually end up the next day feeling like crap or puking all night, not something i want to do on holidays. i dont have alot of spending money so rather eat and buy souvineers than drink all my money.[br][br]going with the flow sounds good[br][br]i havnt been rafting that would be awesome. u scared of hights? skydiving is awesome and scary.


Nah, heights don’t bother me…it’s falling from heights that bothers me lol. Actually skydiving is on my list of must do’s. My g/f and I are going to wait and see and then decide.[br][br]“My name is Jon Collins and I approve this message.”


Hi! I’ll be on the tour with Jon, too! We are counting down the days, 9 sleeps! We should all meet up the night we get in and get the tour off to a great start! We’re also staying at the globetrotter![br][br]Sarah


I went with my wife and we were only split up once and that was in Austria, we had three more couples on our tour so it made it easy for them to keep us together, we had our own room in Switzerland and the three stops in Italy and shared with one couple in Paris, all the couples in Germany, one couple and four boys in Amsterdam, two girls in Venice. Hope this helps you out.[br][br]European Wonder 16th July.[br][br]A bad day on holidays is still better than a good day at work!!!


awesome. only 4 days left of work till holiday!


We’re going to see Bloc-Party tonight in Halifax! A little taste of England before we go. After tonight we’re into the final countdown to Europe!! [br][br]


Is anyone else going on the trip with us? I kinda hope that there are extra seats in case I want to build a little fort Homer Simpson style :)[br][br]“My name is Jon Collins and I approve this message.”


we got on this tour and we only booked about 2months ago. so maybe.[br][br]oo can i come in your fort?