European Wonder Oct 11


I am officially booked for the European Wonder tour starting on Oct 11. who else is going??


I am!

Where are you coming from? Have you ever been to Europe before?


Hi! I went to Europe 9 years ago, but only to Ireland & England, so I’m really excited to see all the continental countries! I’m American, coming from Virginia. Which province are you from?


I’m from British Columbia. I’ve never been outside of North America so this is going to be a very interesting trip, but I’m excited!


hmm i wonder where everyone else is??


I have no clue! Haha I’m hoping there are other keeners about.

So what else about you - have you ever done a tour like this before?

I’m hoping that it will be easy to get along with people. I’m doing 5 days in France prior to starting the tour and then will have to learn how to travel on my own!


I traveled with 2 tour groups back in high school, but those were both awhile ago. During both of those I was traveling alone, but this time my friend Liz is coming. So we know there will be at least 3 of us on this trip!

And that’s very cool that you’re going alone! I did my first trip to Europe alone too, and I was nervous but it ended up being SO fun. And I made friends I still visit today.

also-quick question-what are you bringing to wear when we go out at night to bars/clubs?? do you think everybodys going to really dress up or just wear jeans and a dressy top?


Oh very cool! I would have loved to have brought a friend along, but unfortunately everyone is still finishing up school!

Yes, alone is going to be scary but I’m sure I will make some fast friends!

Oh, that is a tough question. Honestly, I would think jeans and a dressy top would suffice, but its hard to say. I’m not a bar/club hopper haha so I will hopefully fit in well enough!


Hello I am also on this tour with you guys. I’ll be starting in Paris instead of London just because the flights were better. Are you both starting in London? I am from Alberta. I have done 3 tours like this before and they were a great way of traveling! I am very excited!


yay another person! I’ll be starting the tour in london but cant wait to meet you in paris!


Glad to see our group is growing! Another Canadian, woohoo. I am starting in London too, but it will be good to see you in Paris!

What were the other 3 tours you’ve been on?


I did a month tour in East Africa,a month in New Zealand and a month in the Middle East. Other then Turkey I have not been anywhere in Europe so I am very excited! It is coming up so quick! :slight_smile:


Very cool!!

Yes, it is coming up sooner than expected. I feel like I have so much left to plan, haha.

Are any of you choosing to get the SIM card deal? I’m having trouble figuring out what my best bet is with regards to having a phone over there. Thoughts?


I think im going to buy one of those throw away cell phones when i get there


I am going to call my cellphone company this week and see what kind of plan I can go on for the two weeks! Two more weeks!


It is coming up soon!!

I invested in one of the SIM cards … hopefully its worth it. Reassuring to me to have some form of communication no matter what.

Definitely keep forgetting we leave on the 11th, since I actually leave home on the 4th! Hopefully I’ll be less of a nervous wreck by the time I reach London :slight_smile:


Hi Amanda, A prepaid global SIM card is for those who is thinking of using his mobile overseas and do not want to pay the huge roaming charges by taking their GSM mobile along with them. Now, you can buy the SIM card before you leave home and also rent the GSM mobile that will work all over the world. international SIM


Hi. Thanks! That’s how I was thinking it would work. I just learned I have to pay to unlock my phone so that the SIM card will work in it, but c’est la vie … I’m already invested this much in the trip, haha.

Where are you coming from JohnPeter?