European Wonder - May 12th


Hi all,

Anyone going for the tour on May 12th? I have signed up. Was wondering if anyone is going. :slight_smile:


Hey Mike,

I’m also going on the trip! I’m Andy from Bedfordshire.

Have you checked to see if there was any other forum posts about the trip?

I haven’t come across any yet.



Hi Andy,

Thanks so much for replying.

I will be going with my sis. We are from Malaysia.

I have been going through 10 over pages of this forum and I did not find anything on our trip. Most are in June and July.

Is this your first trip to Europe?




Hi guys
My name is Erin and I am also going on this trip.
Would be cool to meet up for a drink before we start the tour. I’ll be staying at the Clink from the 9th of May if anyone’s keen. I’ve also met about 5 others doing this trip. Will be awesome! Not long now.
See u soon



I am going on this trip too! I am in for a drink before the tour start. I will be at Clink as of May 8. Hope to see you! :slight_smile:




My sis and I will be in Clink on the 11th. Perhaps dinner since we will be arriving in the afternoon.

Can’t wait to meet you all!!!


Hey Guys
I will also be joining this trip too. I will be catching up at Paris on the 12th.
Looking forward to an awesome 2 weeks.




I’ll be joining this trip too, I’m Katrina, from Australia

see you all there :slight_smile:


Ok so shall we organise dinner and drinks the night before the tour? Does anyone want to suggest a time and place to meet? Also if anyone wants to go sight seeing with me on 10th and 11th let me know cos I am totally free!


Hi Erin,

I would like to join you on sighseeing but I will only check in around 2 to 3pm.
Why don’t we set the dinner at around 6.30 to 7pm and around clink? Then, we can go back and rest for the Europe adventure. We meet at the lobby or something.
Is that okay? I am open to any suggestion.



Hi Guys,

I won’t be able to meet on the 11th so it’s gonna be an early wake up call on the 12th. Luckily the Clink is only about an hour away. Lol

If you guys do some sight seeing around London, have a great time! :slight_smile:

See you all very soon!!!



Erin! I am at the Clink right now writing this. Where ART THOU? I can totally do some sightseeing with you on the 11th, I have a tour booked tomorrow…BUT I would also be up for dinner and some drinks with you all on the 11. I say meeting in the lobby would be the best thing…but I will go with the flow.

See you all soon!