European Wonder - June 2nd 2011


Hi esther, I will be going on the European wonder trip on June 2nd. Have you decided to book the trip yet? I am going by myself and a bit nervous.


Oh cool! I am from Bermuda but I lived in england for a yr. Are you staying at the Clink because Im not sure should i stay there or stay with a friend? Where are you from?


Yeah I totally agree. I should know by today if I will stay there or not. :wink:


Jenee and Esther my friend and myself will be taking this tour as well!!! I am so excited to have found some future travel buddies!! We are flying in from California on June 1st and staying at Clink 261 for the night. It is about a 5 minute walk from Kings Cross. If either of you are nervous about going by yourself we would love to meet up the night before for drinks (we should be at our hostel around 5 or 6 and suffering from major jet lag! ). I have only been to London once as a kid and my travel buddy has never gone! We are also staying in London for four days after the tour ends! :slight_smile: So excited!


Hey every1! I have decided to stay at Clink78 for June 1 but Im thinking about staying at the Clink 261 or somewhere else after the trip for 2 more days just to try a new place as well and somewhere closer to the tube station. I went school in London so Im kinda familiar with it but I would be happy to meet up for some drinks before we leave for the trip. Im way more excited about the trip now getting to meet more of our travel ppl. i look forward to meeting yall. :wink:


HI Jenee! Me and my friend are staying at clink 261 from Thur until Sun afterward! Should be fun! do you have a facebook??


Oh great! Yeah Im looking forward to the trip and hopefully its sunny. Yeah you can find me on facebook. Stevonna Franks.


Hi there guys!! :slight_smile:
im also doing this tour! cannot wait to meet everyone!
not long now :slight_smile:
see you all soon!

oh and im also staying at the clink for a couple of days after the tour


Hello :slight_smile: I booked onto this trip today :):)… bit late I know…
Really excited, I’m also travelling on my own so really nice to see afew others of you are too!!
Need to sort out my coach down to London, and decide if I’m gunna stay at the hostel, think I will.
Hoping for sunshine too Esther, fingers crossed :slight_smile:


Ah cool! (Just added you on fb) Did you decide to stay in clink in the end or are you getting the train? Birmingham is the closest station for me but the train times aren’t very good so I’ll probably go down the day before.
See you all soon!