European Wonder - June 2016


Hi Everyone,

My name’s Laura, im a 24year old from Auckland, New Zealand.
I am looking to book the European Wonder Tour departing London on the 16th June 2016. I will be travelling Solo and wondering if anyone else is going on this tour?
For me this is a little taster of Europe before I head off on a 5 week trip around the UK. This will be my first real OE and can’t wait. I will also be in London for a couple of days prior to the trip if anyone wants to meet up before it starts :smile: Excited.


Hey hi, I’m solo traveler from Perth leaving here on 10th to join my trip that was booked for 15th June2016 EasterSprit starting from Rome… I’m excited but tring to find someone to join…


Oh so close :smile:

Your trip sounds pretty cool. What made you choose the Eastern spirit tour?

I hear there is usually quiet a few of us Kiwis & Aussies on these tours. I hope you find someone doing the same tour, you never know we may cross paths at some point.


Hi Laura, I’m Mitch from Auckland! :slight_smile: Our tours are so close! I’m going to be on the same tour but on 19th May. Would be keen to chat to anyone else on this too :smile:


Hi, my name’s Beth and I’m from Australia :smile:
I’m doing the European Wonder tour from the 5th of May! I’m travelling solo too, and was hoping to get to know a few people before I leave.


Hi Mitch & Beth,

Your tours are pretty close too.
Are you going overseas just the length of the tour or are you staying on before or after the tour?

My trip is 8 weeks in total. Arrive in London on the 13th June after a couple of days in Singapore, not to far away now. I am actually thinking of moving my tour out to the 14th July as my plans have changed. Before the tour I will be doing a few weeks around the UK and a week in Greece, Turkey or maybe Morocco… can’t decide.

You will have to let me know what the tour is like, seeing as you are both doing it before me :smile: . Can’t wait to do paragliding in the Swiss Alps, gondola through Venice. What are you looking forward to?

Have you travelled solo before or at all?


Hi Laura,

I have about a week of leave before the tour starts, so was thinking I may go to America, either Vegas or New York, and then get a direct flight to London from there. I also have some time after the tour finishes so may stay on in London, or travel somewhere else, I really haven’t decided yet! haha

I’ve been to Japan solo before, and I enjoyed it but I much prefer travelling with others which is why I chose to do this tour, to hopefully meet some cool people :smile:


I’m staying for a week after the tour, a bit in London then a bit in Ireland with family :smile:
Your plans sound amazing, I’m sure you’ll have a great time no matter what you decide on!
I haven’t been able to pick what I’m looking forward to most, I’ve never travelled before so it’s all reply exciting


Hi Laura, I’m 24 from Auckland as well! Also doing the 16th June European Wonder solo :smiley: getting excited!


Oh Yay, finally someone doing the same tour on the same dates haha.
It is so exciting, I can’t wait.

Whereabouts in Auckland are you from?

I actually haven’t booked the tour yet as it is part of a lager trip with my family and organising 4 people is almost impossible. I think we have settled on an itinerary now and this is the tour I will be doing. I just need to bite the bullet and book.

I cant believe its only 8 weeks away :smiley: Will you be staying at the hostel before the tour?


Same here, super excited! I live in Grafton but I’m from Otorohanga (middle of nowhere haha). How about you?

Have you booked the tour yet? I’m joining in Paris but will be in London for a night afterwards :smiley:

Getting so close now yay!



My Name is Tara, I am from New Zealand as well!
I am going on the European Wonder Tour on the 16th June, just wondered if anyone who is going on the same tour wanted to chat?

Not long now… getting excited :smile: