European wonder june 2010


Hey everyone,
I am considering doing the European Wonder tour sometime through June.
I will be traveling alone and was just wondering if anybody else is thinking of doing this tour in June?
a bit scared and nervous about travelling by myself!


Yeah i’m doing one in June and going alone :slight_smile:
im scared and nervous too, but it’ll be so much fun, and what an experience!


Hey Holly,
what date were you thinking of going? i was considering doing the one from 3 June.
makes me feel a bit better to know that i won’t be the only lone traveler on the tour!
will you be staying at the Clink Hostel before and after the tour?
-Mikhayla :slight_smile:


I’m going June 10-23 i think, you should do that one!! I’ve already booked :slight_smile:
I’ll be staying with a friend before and after the tour… well maybe, i’ll just see how things go after the tour and go with whatever :slight_smile:


i have booked the one that leaves on 3 June. thats a shame :frowning:


aw damn! hope you have a good time!!