European Wonder July 7th Departure



Is there anyone else out there who is thinking of/doing this tour?

Let me know! Am so exited about Europe :slight_smile: !!!




Hey there!!

Yes, myself and my brother are on this tour departing 7 July. I absolutely cannot wait! We are from South Africa… super excited. :slight_smile:

All booked! See ya there!



That is exciting! Glad to know I’m not travelling alone lol
It’s my first time overseas and I am so excited but a little bit nervous!!!


It’s my first time too!!!

What’s your name and where about are you from?


Awesome! I’m Lauren and I’m from Australia :slight_smile:

Have you guys received your itinerary yet?
I haven’t got mine yet and topdeck had said they will send the final itinerary 6 weeks prior to the trip…