European Wonder July 4


Hellooooo! Didn’t see any other topics for this date so thought I’d start one… Booked today and travelling on my own would love to chat to anyone else who has booked this!


Hi! I’m going on the tour as well! I’m going with 7 of my friends and I really wanted to know who else was coming as well! :smiley:


AH yaaaay so glad someone has replied! So lucky dude having so many friends to come it will be lovely to meet you all…hope other people that have booked comment! :slight_smile:


feel free to add me on facebook! Tamara Garro.
yeah i hope more people join in! :slight_smile:


I just got a call from my travel agent who said topdeck called them and this tour has been cancelled! So I’m doing the one that leaves July 6


I checked everything is still fine for the 4th July departure!