*european wonder* JULY 19th


i’m a 20-year-old female from usa. my friend and i are going to be taking the “european wonder” tour leaving on july 19th and we were hoping to get in touch with some others on this tour before heading out. also, i was wondering if anyone had any ideas about the cabins that we will be staying in. condition, electricity, etc. hope to hear from someone soon!;D[br][br]lauren


still no one yet? i know we can’t be the only ones![br][br]lauren


i am NOT getting bumped to the second page again…haha…come ON! someone has to be going…i’m not giving up.[br][br]lauren


mel, [br]thanks for your concern! haha. it’s my hope that we’ll be able to meet some people the night before the tour at the globetrotter inn. hope your trip goes well, have fun![br][br]lauren


Hello,[br]I am also going on the “European Wonder” Trip For July 19th! I’m a 23 year old male from Vancouver, Canada & really excited about this trip!!! I’ll be going solo, so i’m looking foreward to meeting fellow travellers, i’ll be travelling throughout July & will finish with this trip. I think this date will be completely sold out because I tried to go on the July 12th Trip & my travel agent said it was completely sold out, she also mentioned that the July 5th trip was also sold out. She said they had less then 10 seats available on this date & believed it would sell out within the next couple of weeks![br]I Just booked my trip today so I am really excited!, hope to hear from others on this trip![br][br]:Marcus8-)


i’m excited to finally hear back from someone! are you going to be staying at the globetrotter the night before?[br][br]lauren


Hello,[br][br]I’ll definately be staying there the night before, especially with the 7am departure the next day. I’m soooo excited!;D[br][br]:Marcus


Hey there im josh from aussie an am thinking about doing this tour later on in the year! sounds all very exiting and heaps better than contiki, i had contiki winter wanderer booked with my x fiance but that all went pear shaped so now im thinking this is the go. be cool if u could let me know how it all goes… so yeah thanks heaps [br] josh [quote]Originally posted by drummagirl118[br]
i’m excited to finally hear back from someone! are you going to be staying at the globetrotter the night before?[br][br]lauren[br][/quote]


josh-[br]i’ll be sure to provide feedback for sure. everyone has been so helpful, it’s the least i can do. sorry to hear about the “ex” part. the trip will probly be good for you![br][br]lauren


Hi Lauren and Marcus![br][br]I’ll be seeing you guys on tour! I’m 22, from Australia and will be travelling by myself too. I just finished my uni degrees- today in fact, just had my last exam ever this morning and am going to Europe to celebrate! Hurrah!![br][br]Can’t wait![br][br]Trish


hey trish! glad to hear from more people! are you going to be staying at globetrotter inn the night before? we are…we should get together for some drinks![br][br]lauren


Hello Trish,[br][br]We’ll definately be celebrating it up with you!, , it’s getting so close already, less than a month to go!. Lauren It’d be great if we all met the night before for drinks, I think there will probably be many others who are going on this trip staying at the globetrotter, my travel agent said usually most people stay there because of the early 7am morning departure.[br][br]I had a question, hopefully one of you might know the answer,[br][br]For Switzerland are we not able to use EURO’S?, or should we be bring SWISS FRANKS, because I looked up info on the EURO today & Switzerland is not one of the countries that is listed as a country that uses the EURO.[br][br]As it gets closer to departure date maybe we’ll hear from others who will be on this trip & then we can plan a night of drinks & good times! :)[br][br]:Marcus8-)


swiss francs u can have some but a lot of places take cards in switzerland[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


Hi,[br]Thank You Very Much For The Info![br][br]:Marcus8-)


your welcome i went through switzerland back in 02. recommendation if u get a chance in switzerland do white water rafting. its very cool. the first time i did whitewater rafting was in interlaken, and have done it twice since.[br][br]Live every day to the fullest as if it is your last


yeah…i heard the same advise about the francs. i was told to bring about 40 francs to switerland…but you can always exchange more later. can’t wait for the trip! only 24 more days!![br][br]lauren


Hi[br][br]I am doing the European Wonder in Sept 06, well once i get my A into G and book, as by the sounds of things it gets booked out espesh since my tour includes the Munich beerfest, but would be keen to hear the pros and no goes of your trip. have a wicked time, go hard or go home…ciao


Hi,[br][br]Sorry, late for roll call… :)[br][br]I’ll be on the July 19th European Wonder tour too.[br][br]I’m 26, from New Zealand.[br][br]Looking forward to it and meeting you guys soon!..time is flying by really quick…and I’m still in the process of planning my trip! :o[br][br]I’ll possibly be bailing out of the tour a few hours early in Belgium as I will need to get to Germany afterward.[br][br]Does anyone know at what time on the last day the tour gets to Brugge? There is a 3pm train I would like to book, but I want to make sure I’m there on time first.[br][br]My other option would be to see the tour out, back to London and then fly (its cheaper than train too!) but I’d have to get to Stansted airport before 8:00pm at the latest and I read that the tours normally get back to London at 7pm but maybe running late if we miss the ferry, get bad traffic or hold ups at immigration… so it might be cutting it fine! There is an early morning flight but by the time I pay for another night’s accomodation, get up really early and train to airport, it’ll be just as expensive as the train, plus a lot more hassle and lost time.[br][br]Cya[br]Jamie


Hey guys[br]Sorry for the delayed response. I’m not going to be staying at the globetrotter, but maybe we can meet up there the night before anyway so I know where to go the next morning. [br][br]Trish


jamie-[br]i would advise against the 8:00 flight from london, because i would agree that it’s cutting it way too close. also, it would be hard to say that the 3:00 from brugge would leave you enough time either. i’m not sure how long the travel time is from brugge to london or how much time is scheduled for brugge either…but seeing as we are to arrive in london around 7:00, there is a chance that we might not be in brugge till after 3:00. i would recommend e-mailing a topdeck rep. every question that i have asked through e-mail correspondence has been tended too quite quickly and clearly. see you in 9 days! [br][br]trish-it would be nice to meet up the night before…however, i woudldn’t know how we could contact each other. perhaps we could all meet at the globetrotter at a certain time to go out??[br][br][br]lauren