European Wonder July 14-27


Hey Guys!

Just wondering if there is anyone else going on the 14 day European Wonder tour starting on the 14th of July?



I am going on this tour! I am traveling by myself and i’m a little nervous! Are you arriving the night before?


Hey. Im also travelling by myself. Unfortunatly I have to work on the 13th so I wont be arriving untill 14th- so ill be meeting you guys at the hostel in Paris.


Hey girls, I’m on this tour and traveling solo also! So happy to see I’m not the only one… I actually leave New York the 10th and get into London the 11th. I might head to Dublin for a night or two, but I’m definitely booked at the hostel in London for the night before.


Hey girls!

I’m on this tour also solo. I will be at the Clink night before. Looking forward to the tour!


Danica what time will you be at the Clink? All of you feel free to facebook me or email me! Joony Lomenzo It’d be great to meet up when we all arrive.


hey danica,

where about in sydney are you from? i live in lane cove.

i have 6 nights in london once the tour finishes and am staying at the clink. is anyone else hanging around in london after?

feel free to fb me too- jodie butler


Jodie, I’m staying in London until Sunday evening! I haven’t booked yet but I’ll stay at the Clink also if there’s room for me :slight_smile:


Hey everyone :slight_smile: I’ll be on this alone too! I’m staying at Clink the night before, so it’d be awesome if we all met up. And feel free to fb me as well- Hannah Choi :slight_smile: