European wonder, jan 14th


hi everyone,[br]im going on the european wonder tour departing on the 14th of Jan. im travelling alone and staying at the Globetrotter in London for a few days prior to the trip.[br]i was just wondering who else is going on this trip??[br]be good to meet some others before it starts.[br]


Hi! Me and 11 of my closest friends will be traveling on that trip also :slight_smile: We are also staying at Globetrotters prior (well that’s the plan anyway), some of us for just one night (like me) and some for four. So Im sure you will see us there! [br][br]Woohoo Im so excited, cant wait :slight_smile:


me and my twin are also going on this tour and will be staying at the globetrotter the day before. but arrive in london a month before the trip.


oh how awesome! yeah I am doing some travelling beforehand in France, but coming up to London for the one night before the tour- would have been cheaper to join in Paris but I didnt want to miss the whole first day (even if it is only driving…)


I’m going to Lyon in France to stay with some of my host families from when I did an exchange year. Oh that note, I have been in Europe in winter :stuck_out_tongue: so basically… for going out to clubs and the like, just jeans and a singlet top or whatever, cause its hot inside…then take your coats and leave them at the door! For shoes, I dont know if you mean for day or night…for day, just sandshoes with extra thick socks or boots (that you can walk in, and have grip!!!). For going out, just boots again. Oh I have to start deciding what to pack soon…I am flying out in a month! So exciting!


yeah me and my sis fly out in a month to so excited but nervous. i atully have to start thinking about what to pack. is it just me or have u girls found it hard to work out what clothes to take lol im not use to cold weather so its hard. have a safe trip girls and we will c u all n a few months


The key word for packing- LAYERS. lol. You will need many. Bra, Singlet, LOng-sleeved shirt, T shirt, small Jacket and FULL ON WINTER WATERPROOF JACKET. Thats basically how I dressed most of the time. Because the weather can have many different temps, also depending on if you are inside or outside! So yeah thats what clothes I am taking! Also stockings or thermals to wear under pants, and lots of socks!!! Well good luck guys! woo i cant wait! We have our globetrotters all booked and Im excited! All of us are! I wonder how many ppl are on the tour…we were hoping we wouldnt be the majority as there are 12 of us lol!


our tour isnt showing up on the booking page anymore which i guess is a good thing haha


Haha yeah I just noticed that too! Im pretty sure that means its full capacity…squishy! Oh well the more the merrier right :stuck_out_tongue: See everyone at globetrotters! I am flying into london on the afternoon of the 13th…but instead of taking the 16 pound gatwick express, i am taking a bus service that cost only 2 pounds…dodgy…so if i dont turn up…i wouldnt be suprised :stuck_out_tongue: lol.


yay!! how exciting that our trip is full! im flying out of melbourne on the 11th and staying at globetrotters until the 14th, looking forward to seeing you all there. :slight_smile:


you girls have a safe trip and yes we will c you at the inn so xciting 19days togo. keep safe etc arghhh im so excited im in a mining town so londons gunna be awesome


Yay tonight me and my friends that are going on this tour had a Europe Pizza night so we could discuss the trip, but we mostly just ate the pizza lol. Cant believe im flying out in 2 and a half weeks! Im freaking out a bit though cause Im staying in France for the 2.5 weeks before the tour and I cant find any of my friends to stay with…uh-oh!


may sund like a silly question but i have 2 suggested packing lists one says sleeping bag are you girls taking one?


yes as it will be heaps cold.