European wonder-ing


hello is anyone going on a june european wonder?[br][br]its so sooon and i havet prepped anything yet lol. i get my tix nxt wk tho. yeah baby :))


Hey Mal, Yeah i’ll be on the European wonder tour aswell. Im only going to be in Europe for a month but I can’t wait it will be awsome. I’ll be travelling solo, how about you? [br][br]Cheers Tom


heya, im also going on the european wonder trip in june. what date are you going on? Becky


hello hello[br][br]haha i didnt think ne1 wd answer and was getting worried [br][br]im on for june 18 and am travelling hans solo :o[br][br]should be an adventure or two :slight_smile: what dates r u guys on


im going on the 18th as well and im also travelling solo. im getting really excited. Becky


Im leaving on June 11. Is there anybody elese going on that tour? cheers Tom


yeah me to i just got my tickets so im quite excited! [br][br]this is my first time travelling o/s by myself so im looking at having some fun haha lots of photos so i can send them home and make everyone jealous they didnt come lol


Hi, I am going on the 18th June European Wonder, I am travelling with a friend from work and we are looking forward to a great trip. Been planning this for 5 months and it is getting so close now.


[quote]Originally posted by tom88[br]
Im leaving on June 11. Is there anybody elese going on that tour? cheers Tom[br][/quote][br]I’m on that trip! :sunglasses: I’ll meet you soon! I’m traveling with three guys from Perth. I’ve been to Rome, but all the other places will be new to me. Anyone else on the June 11 trip?


1 weeek!!! ahhh so excited. im staying at the globetrotter backpackers nite b4 any1 else doing the same?[br][br]oh and what r ppl doing $ wise. card, cash, cheques. so many options and i was also told to change money in london as there will b a higher xchange rate for AU dollar to euros. in aus atm its about 59c for every Aus dollar


i know, im so excited. i might be staying in the globetrotter the night before im not sure yet. [br][br]i think im taking some euro’s with me and a debit card, im not going to take a cheque book. [br]


We are staying at Globetrotter on the Monday & Tuesday nights as we arrive on the Monday after 24 hours of flying. As for money, cash & Credit Cards for me![br][br]Will see you guys there!