European wonder - Feb 25th


Hi[br][br][br]is anybody else doing this trip on 25th feb.[br][br]i have booked to go alone… nervous!!![br][br]speak soon[br]katie x


I’m looking at doing this tour in late August - also alone and also a bit nervous! Everyone I spoken to who have done tours like this say you meet people so I’m sure we’ll be fine. :slight_smile:


Thanks Kyla[br][br]I have travelled before but never done a tour like this.[br][br]I am sure (fingers crossed) it will be great fun!![br]If you want to know anything for August when I return, feel free to ask.[br]x x


ok… so i go on this tour on wednesday next week and no one has replied…ha!! i am praying this does not mean that the others on it are all friends or that if they are they dont mind a tag along!![br][br]eeeiiikkkk!! I am sure I will be fine![br]Katie x x


hey there,[br][br]i am in the same boat …i am doing the Euro wonder next month 25 march and i have only heard of one other person going to …starts to make you wonder if you are the only one hey …you will be fine :slight_smile: