European Wonder Dec 3


Hey guys,[br][br]Just wondering if anyone is on the same tour as me - European Wonder leaving on Dec 3 :slight_smile: Also, was wondering if anyone can help me out with some advice for shows in London. I want to go and see the Lion King which is showing at Lyceum Theatre, but I don’t know what seats to go for? As it’s so far in advance I can pretty much book any seats I like, but don’t know where is best. Any suggestions?[br][br]Thanks,[br]Lauren


Usually the stalls seats are good.[br][br]Essential Europe Winter Tour- 23rd Dec


hey lauren,[br]im mel n im gonna b on the same tour as u in dec :)[br]i guess were the only ones on the tour lol[br]anywho drop me a email if u wanna chat :)[br][br]


hey all ill be joining you all in Paris!! man its going to be cold for all you cats coming from Ozz im in Germany now and already got my long johns on!!![br][br]Cheers[br]Richie :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ;D


Hey [br]yay another friend im so excited for the trip i leave for the UK in 29 days now cant wait ;D[br]is it really cold because im not much good at being cold and i dont really have a lot of warm clothes i was just planning on buying stuff when i get there…[br]anywho im travelling by myself so am definatly interested in making friends b4 i leave so yea [br]so so excited[br]mel ;D


hey mel![br][br]I tried to send u a message but I don’t know if you’ve replied because I don’t know how to get to my messages on here!!! if you want, you can email me on :slight_smile: Hope to hear from you soon!


yeah its going to be a cold trip oh in the Swiss alps that i think will be around -15 c but snow is much better than rain! as for now im in Germany just out of Berlin and its still good and warm here so ya never know might not be to bad!! [br][br]will this be your first trip to Europe??[br]peace mel send me a email i check them more often!![br]:p;D:p[br][br]Winter European Wonder 2008 3ed dec :slight_smile:


G’day All,[br][br]Il also be on the European Wonder trip leaving on the 3rd of December. I have a feeling it will be extremely cold compared to the warm weather home here in Melbourne!! Is any one else staying at the Globetrotter Inn prior to the trip?[br][br]Look forward to seeing you all on the trip.[br][br]Perrin


hey perrin[br]im staying at the globtrotter the nite b4 n the nite after when u flying out?


Hey Mel,[br][br]Il be at the globetrotter from the 1st/2nd. I fly out next Friday 28th November from Melbourne, Via Sydney and Hong Kong. u? Email me if you like[br][br]Cheers


Oh im also at the globetrotter the night i arrive back in london too!