European Wonder Callling 5th Aug


Hey All,

Just Booked EUROPEAN WONDER for the 5th of august. Wondering who else is coming?



Hey mate,

Im also booked for this trip. Ill be travelling solo from Australia and cant wait!


hey mate,

i’ll be travelling solo too…looking fwd to it…

would also be doin barcelona post the trip :slight_smile:


We’ll have a awesome time for sure! You staying at clink hostel before the trip? Im also doing barcelona after the trip, already booked it… Fly out of london on the 19th of aug to barcelona spend 3nights there with a mate and his gf then over to madrid for 2nights then to valencia for the la tomatina festival (tomatoe throwing festival) for 2 nights


Hey Mate,

Am Not doing london…am joining the grp in paris.

so would be leaving the tour in bruges to catch a flight from brussels to Barca on the 18th itself…

would be in barca till 24th b4 i head back to paris for ma return flight.

will be stayin in some youth hostel in barca or would couch surf not sure of it yet…but can definitely catch up der too

too damn excited as of now.


Nice! Well ill see you when you join us in paris! Cant wait for barca apparently its awesome for partying! Will catch up when im in barca too and hit the town!


G’day I will be doing this tour, counting down the days to my annual leave starts, am a bit over work at the minute.

I will be starting in London but stayin at a friends place not far from where we leave the night before.

Also im goin to Barca after the trip aswell but not until early September, 4th i think.


Hey Mate,

good to hear from ya…even am counting down the days…look fwd to catching up with ya…


Hey buddy! Im counting down the days too… Only 4 days left of work to go! So pumped for this trip. What date you flying to london? I leave Sydney on the 1st of Aug. Think ill be in the Greek Islands around the 4th of sept.


Going to Hong Kong on the 29th then i get to london on the 3rd. Don’t leave much time before the trip, hope no flights are cancelled on me :wink: One thing i wish i could do but could not fit in is the greek islands.


Hey kids! My bf and I will be joining you all as well. This is a last minute holiday for us we only booked it 2 weeks ago. Cant wait to see all the sights, paragliding and party in AMSTERDAM hahaha


Hey Sara! Where you both travelling from? Cant wait the ahh ‘laidback’ lifestyle of Amsterdam :smiley: See you both on tour!



hey der sara,

even i cant wait for the same…counting down the days…

see ya on tour…



Hey Everybody :smiley:
I just booked this tour a week ago, crazy enough.
I am staying at the Clink the night before. My flight arrives at like 8am the morning of the 4th so I will be wandering around hungry and lost if anyone would like to join me!

I am traveling solo from USA.

Excited to meet everybody and am seriously looking forward to pretty well every aspect of this lovely trip!

I am bringing a duffel bag instead of a backpack. What’s everyone else carrying?


Hi Sara and Gwen

I booked this tour 6 months ago, still not prepared at all though haha.
The whole trip should be fun, anyone else considering skydiving? I would love to but could be expensive.

I am bringing a suitcase, hopefully that will do.



Hey Gwen! Ill be ill be carrying a backpack im thinking at this stage. Im staying at the generator hostel for 2nights and then clink the night before the tour so hopefully see some of you then! Definately gonna be doing the skydiving… I have a fear of heights so should be interesting lol but its on my list of things to do. Just gotta figure out whether to do it out of the helicopter in swiss alps or plane in Austria.



hey all,

am carrying a backpack too…would be joining the tour from paris…would be checking into B & B porte de la villette on the 4th…skydiving is wat i dnt wanna miss…i know it would be expensive but still wld like to do the swiss alps as i have been reading in the oder posts dat its way bttr dan the austrian one…




I read that about the Swiss skydiving as well. I was really looking forward to skydiving but I read the other day about height/weight requirements, as I am not height/weight proportionate I do not know if I’d be allowed to go. It’s totally in the hands of the jump master, so fingers crossed!
If I get to at all, it’s definitely going to be in Switzerland.

Has anyone bought tickets for museums or anything in Paris?
I found a 32-Euro museum pass that lets you into tons of museums without waiting in line.

Does anyone know how much free time to expect to have in Paris?


hey gwen,

that museum pass seems to be a good idea…cud u share the link pls…that wld be grrt…

as far as i can gather from the oder posts der is ample time to spend on our own…but i guess its going to be grrrt with the grp


here is the museum pass:
but if we only have three hours to ourselves, it’s hardly worth it.
a full day… totally different story. so we shall see.