European Wonder August 2007


Hi[br][br]I am doing the European Wonder Tour 1-14 August 2007. I am travelling alone and was wondering if there was anyone else on this tour as yet. I know the fun of it is to meet people when you arrive on the tour but I would love to get to know a few people before I go on the tour.[br][br]If you are on my tour drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.[br][br]Lucy :slight_smile:


Hi Lucy[br][br]I have also booked in for this tour and am travelling alone, I am from Melbourne and am heading over for 6 weeks in total, going to Ireland first and then Spain after the tour. [br][br]Lauren


Hi Lauren[br][br]Yah!!! Someone is on my tour. I was thinking about going to Spain after the tour too! I’ll send you an email soon.[br][br]Lucy