European Wonder August 1 -August 14th


Is anyone going on this trip? I am starting in London. [br][br]Megan


Hey Megan i’m going on the trip same dates 1st-14th Aug!!![br]I leave tomorrow night to go over, i’m really nervous it’s my first trip overseas.[br][br]Bianca


Hi Bianca, [br][br]I leave on Sunday. Are you staying at the Globetrotter? I will be there Monday and Tuesday. I am from Canada and this is also my first trip overseas.[br][br]Megan


Megan,[br][br]Yes we are staying at the Globetrotter. We’ll be there tomorrow night until the tour. [br]I’m going over with my boyfriend and it’s his first trip too. We’re both from OZ[br][br]Looking forward to it see you there!!![br][br]Bianca