European Wonder Aug 18


Has anyone booked the European Wonder tour that leaves August 18th?? I’m so excited to go!!!


I’m 21, a student, and from the U.S. I’ll be studying in Spain for 6 weeks before the tour. Will you be traveling alone or with people you know??




I’m also on the same tour. I’m 25, an Aussie guy from Melbourne. Travelling solo for the first time so should be good.



HI :slight_smile:

Im also doing this tour with my 2 best friends :slight_smile: cannot wait!!!

we are 20/21 all females from Sydney!


Hey, I’ll also be there with LexHuggs! Can’t wait!


Hi Everyone,

My name is Emma, I’m a 22 year old from a little town on the boarder of Queensland and New South Wales. Just wanted to say hi and look out for me. I will be doing the tour alone and this my first time overseas. Very excited but very nervous!!

Cant wait :slight_smile: